Black Wizard "Mountain Bitch"

Black Wizard 'Mountain Bitch'
There's a timeless hesher quality to Vancouver, BC metal bands we can't quite place, but we're guessing it has to with weed. From S.T.R.E.E.T.S. and early 3 Inches of Blood to recent greats like Baptists and Bison B.C., Vancity metallers tend to cut the bullshit and stick to crushing riffs and heavy tones. The latest to emerge from this lineage are a group of rowdy kids known as Black Wizard.

Following their 2010 self-released, self-titled LP, the band have financed the Mountain Bitch seven-inch, which will be hitting record shelves in mid-February. We've obtained a stream of the title track and its a slow-burning rager that eventually erupts with harmonizing guitars and epic solos, just as it should.

Check out "Mountain Bitch" below.