Black Mold "Metal Spider Webs"

Black Mold 'Metal Spider Webs'
With his profile at an all-time high, leave it to Calgary's Chad VanGaalen to shrink behind an alter-ego and release a whole album of music that some people might scratch their heads at. The truth is, VanGaalen thrives on the itch; a genial contrarian, the home-rock pop genius likes to provoke the status quo, even if it's his own path he's prodding. Thus, we have Black Mold, a completely electronic side-project for a guy who has never been shy about letting some blips and beeps infiltrate his grittier, rock albums.

Black Mold's debut full-length is entitled Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz and its first song is actually a rather jazz-oriented number called "Metal Spider Webs." Deliberate rhythmic patterns are soon joined by a soaring conflation of keys, glockenspiel, cymbals, organs, and general digital interference. More subdued Lionel Hampton than Aphex Twin, Black Mold sets out steadily with "Metal Spider Webs" before twisting and turning throughout Snow Blindness is Crystal Antz, which is available (with a special bonus album) on August 11.

Listen to "Metal Spider Webs" here.