Black Math Horseman


BY Rob NayPublished Apr 17, 2009

With its floor-splitting, heavy dirges, Black Math Horseman's debut is a thunderous one. Produced by former Kyuss bass player Scott Reeder, Wyllt makes stereo speakers push enough air to knock picture frames clear off walls. During its slow ascent, album opener "Tyrant" builds on its rhythmic drum intro, adding hypnotic bass, layered guitars and Sera Timms' sustained voice to create a slow moving sonic whirlwind. Throughout Wyllt, the group handle multiple dynamic changes with aplomb, shifting from floor-quaking rumbles to subdued, quiet notes. In some instances, Black Math Horseman's anchored roar resembles that of Bardo Pond, with an added dose of Sabbath thrown in for good measure. Black Math Horseman make handy use of repetition on many songs but occasionally the recurrence of elements begins to wear thin. In most instances though, the group's fusion of deafening instrumentation with serene vocals fortunately proves engaging rather than grating.
(Tee Pee)

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