Black Lips Recording with Mark Ronson

Black Lips Recording with Mark Ronson
Atlanta, GA flower punks the Black Lips are responsible for their share of controversies, but have also helped spearhead the melodic, scrappy garage rock movement. Earlier this year, we reported that the group were hard at work on their sixth full-length album in various studios across the United States. Now, we've learned of an interesting collaborator and a potential release date.

The Lips' next full-length is rumoured to be dropping April 5 on Vice Records. And for the latest recording sessions, the group have been holed up in with none other than Mark Ronson. In addition to his taste for the vintage rock'n'roll that the Black Lips do so well, the super-producer is more than qualified to handle the Black Lips' intoxicated antics after working with Amy Winehouse.

 Ronson confirmed the collaboration on November 6 when he tweeted "day 4 with @TheBlackLips. energy level is high." He also included this picture of the Black Lips' Cole Alexander kicking back on a couch.

In related news, Black Lips bassist/vocalist Jared Swilley has had an interesting few weeks after his pastor father, Jim Swilley, came out of the closet to his church congregation. Jared opened up about his father to Creative Loafing. Here's a choice excerpt:

CL: It can't be easy to tell your congregation that you're gay.

 JS: No, most Christians are not cool with that, and I've seen some people on Christian blogs saying some of the most hateful, hurtful things about it. Insane things; the kind of things that you can't believe this is someone that you see on a daily basis, and they're spouting that kind of stuff.

When my dad told me he was gay, he asked me if it would affect our relationship, and I said, "Are you kidding me? No, it's not going to affect our relationship." But it does take a lot of balls to come out in an environment like that, and I think I respect him a little more now. He's tougher now that he came out of the closet, which was probably one of the toughest things he could have done. I thought it was pretty bad ass.

He's faced some criticism for it, and even in the video a few people walk out on the service, but I talked with my grandma on Sunday and she said that it hasn't made anything that different.

CL: How long ago did he tell you?

JS: It was back in May, when I came back from tour. He took me and my brothers out to Mary Mac's and then over to Piedmont Park and we all sat around and talked about it. It was the closest that I've felt with my family in a really long time.

The full interview is available here.

Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads-up.