Black Label Society

Order Of The Black

BY Keith CarmanPublished Aug 10, 2010

Not unlike Rob Zombie's contribution to industrial metal, Zakk Wylde and his Black Label Society outfit offer hard rockers something incredibly important: no-frills, predictable music that's decidedly derivative, but features just enough balls to be interesting. At that, Order Of The Black is typical Wylde: musically, much of it abounds in the same characteristic pig squeals, detuned strings and mid-tempo hard rock that has defined BLS since their inception and vocals bleat on in that nasal, Ozzy-esque wail infused with twang and overzealous delivery. Moreover, as expected, the solos are great, the guitars are primal and the overall feeling is that of Southern rock mixed with edgy sludge. But while it's far from horrible, it's also nowhere near diverse, unique or particularly inventive. Instead, Order Of The Black toes the exact same line as its seven predecessors. Then again, like AC/DC fans, Harley riders and Jack Daniels drinkers, BLS proponents aren't about expanding horizons. They know what they like and that's what they want. Therefore, Order Of The Black won't garner a fresh onslaught of fans, but neither will Wylde lose his dedicated minions either.

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