Björk's Charity Begins At Home

Björk's Charity Begins At Home
Björk has made a lot of oddball moves in her career but she may have just made one of her strangest yet - entering the world of venture capital.

Audur Capital to establish a fund to help restore Iceland's sinking economy. The venture fund, named in Björk's honour, will invest in companies that are socially and environmentally responsible, and is currently looking for investors, according to Audur Captial's website.

The singer has reportedly helped kick-start the fund by investing some of her money and by the end of March the company is looking to raise about $16.5 million, which will then go towards sustainable businesses, in particular green energy.

"We believe there are some interesting investment opportunities related to our nature and green energy. We need to pursue these investments even in the current crisis because that's really our future, and we need to do things differently than how we have done in the past," Kristin Petursdottir, chief executive of Audur Capital, told Forbes. "We want economic return but in a sustainable manner."

For more information on the fund or how you can invest, you can click here.

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