Biohazard Uncivilization

"We're trying to bring back old school values: trust, faith, friendship, honesty and honour. They meant a lot when I was a kid and I don't see them a lot these days," laments Biohazard vocalist/bassist Evan Seinfeld. Uncivilization is the latest call to arms from Brooklyn's hardcore/metal veterans, and is by far the most diverse, intense and moving chapter in Biohazard's lengthy career. "We produced the album ourselves, in our own studio. We had no management, we had no record company, it was really back to our roots. We left Mercury and fired everybody." Why did the band leave Mercury? "Because they sucked," sneers Seinfeld. And why did the band choose to record the album themselves? "It's all part of 'fuck the system,' for us," says Seinfeld, "Fuck everybody!" Uncivilized features a wide array of guest artists, from Sen Dog to jolly ol' Pete Steele. "They are all friends of ours, it was a mutual respect thing," explains Seinfeld. "When you admire someone so much that you want them to sing on your record, and they agree to do it, there's some magic there." Uncivilized is easily the band's most diverse offering yet, at times almost sounding like a compilation. "It's easy to make an album sound like a whole bunch of different stuff, but it's not cohesive to itself that way. We're most proud of this album because it shows our diversity but still sounds like Biohazard." Always a band with much to say, what does Evan feel is the main message of Biohazard? "We're four regular guys from working class families from Brooklyn with humble beginnings and we try to stay humble everyday, but to live life to its fullest, to be willing to fight for what you believe in and die for what you believe in. We sing about all the social injustice we've seen: wars, gangs, drugs, violence, child abuse, corrupt governments, oppressive politics, apathy. We really care about the world, we're trying to start a free thinking revolution," states Seinfeld. After so many years, what keeps Biohazard going? "When you see you can move people physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, it moves you back, it gives you reasons to live (Sanctuary)