Biohazard's Original Line-Up Reforms for New Full-Length

Biohazard's Original Line-Up Reforms for New Full-Length
More news to throw down to. Biohazard is back. In original format, no less.

After a massive tour that saw them hit five countries over the past two years, the New York-based hardcore outfit have announced that they will finally be recording a new full-length with the initial line-up. As of January 19, the crew will hit L.A.'s Underground Sounds Studio, hoping to release the as-yet-untitled effort in the summer of 2010.

Those of you who have no idea who we're talking about might recall that VH1 reality show called SuperGroup from a few years back.

It had, like, Ted Nugent, Anthrax's Scott Ian, Sebastian Bach and another rock dude living in a house together, trying to get a band off the ground.

That one guy who didn't seem to fit in - not because of his mass of tattoos, but because he wasn't really famous - that dude was Evan Seinfeld, Biohazard's front-man. He's pretty stoked on recording:

"Biohazard and our four diverse yet equal and integral parts converge [to] resurrect our patented 'meat grinder' writing process. Each guy brings something - riffs, lyrics, concepts, songs, melodies, chants - and we get in a room and hammer it out. I have personally missed this process over the last years... The process is exhausting, humbling, magical and empowering all at the same time."