Billy Talent "Viking Death March" (video)

Billy Talent 'Viking Death March' (video)
When Billy Talent announced their Dead Silence LP earlier this week, the Toronto-based punkers promised a new video for previously premiered single "Viking Death March" would pop up by week's end. True to their word, the band's concert footage-heavy clip arrived this afternoon, and you can see it down below.

Unlike the no-frills live video we recently saw from the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany, the clip proper glossily gathers up shots taken from Billy Talent's recent European tour. There's a slow-mo segment in the intro where the crowd clapping along to the fist-pumper, a potentially goatee-singeing session as someone lights a flare off in a mosh pit, and the requisite shots of the sweat-soaked band busting their asses on stage.

As previously reported, Dead Silence hits Canadian retailers September 11 via Warner Music Canada, but will arrive in the rest of the world September 7.