Bill Callahan Returns with New Album 'Gold Record'

It features a new rendition of "Let's Move to the Country" from Smog's classic 'Knock Knock'

BY Josiah HughesPublished Jun 25, 2020

Following last year's double album Shepherd in a Sheepskin VestSmog mastermind Bill Callahan is set to return with another new LP.

The release is called Gold Record, and it features 10 tracks from the legendary artist. Among them is a new version of "Let's Move to the Country" from Smog's classic Knock Knock (which was reissued last year). 

There are no tracks to preview from Gold Country just yet, but a press release promises the following:

You heard it here first — it's the Gold Record we always knew Bill Callahan had in him! Last summer, he returned from a silence of years — now, he's raring to go with another new one already. The abiding humanity of latter-day Callahan is highlighted by dark plumes of caustic wit upending standards of our everyday life and the songs that celebrate it: the job, the wife, the TV, the neighbours. Bill slips easily into his characters, whether they're easy people or not - and the cross-hatch of their light and shadow is unpredictably entertaining in the manner that belongs only one singer in this whole wide world: we're still talking about Bill Callahan.

Drag City will release Gold Record on September 4. 

Gold Record:

1. Pigeons
2. Another Song
3. 35
4. Protest Song
5. The Mackenzies
6. Let's Move to the Country
7. Breakfast
8. Cowboy
9. Ry Cooder
10. As I Wander

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