Bigg Snoop Dogg / Various Welcome To Tha Chuuch: Tha Album

This so-so compilation by Bigg Snoop brings to mind the old ghetto adage "It ain’t fun if your homies can’t get none.” As "Executive Producer and CEO of Doggystyle Records,” the always-on-the-verge-of-becoming-overexposed rapper throws a bone to his DPGC family. What Snoop should have thrown instead is a life preserver because his peoples truly are left to sink or swim. Compilations are a mixed bag at the best of times and Welcome To Tha Chuuch isn’t one of those times. After the okay joints that Snoop fronts, such as the peacenik "Sisters N Brothers” and a Dogg Pound reunion in "Real Soon” (featuring Daz, Kurupt and Nate Dogg), we’re left with CD skipping material. Snoop’s stable of new artists (Tiffany Foxxx, J. Black) sure may have the goods, but they need better content to truly shine. On the bright side, the Lady of Rage is back! But even with Rage, Welcome To Tha Chuuch is for Snoop Dogg completists only. (Koch)