Big Wreck Reveal 'Bag of Tricks' EP

Big Wreck Reveal 'Bag of Tricks' EP
In the last couple of years, bluesy rock vets Big Wreck have become part of a wave of nostalgia acts from the '90s to make a comeback. Now, the band are out to prove that they still have staying power, as they have announced that they will release an EP called Bag of Tricks on June 25 via Anthem/Warner.

This digital-only collection will be released exclusively in Canada through iTunes. Its songs were captured during live shows in our country last summer, with the exception of a studio-recorded cover of the Cars' "Good Times Roll."

Much of the material here is culled from the band's 2012 reunion record Albatross, but there's also a version of the band's 1997 hit "The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)" and "So Far So Good" by Ian Thornley's post-Big Wreck project (simply called Thornley).

"We just love playing live and put together a little bag of live treats for the fans recorded over the course of this great run with Albatross," Thornley said in a statement. "I've always loved the Cars and threw our version of 'Good Times Roll'' on as a bonus for our awesome fans."

Scroll past the tracklist below to see the band's upcoming Canadian tour schedule.

Bag of Tricks:

1. The Oaf (Live)
2. So Far So Good / Wolves (Live)
3. Albatross (Live)
4. Glass Room (Live)
5. All Is Fair (Live)
6. Control (Live)
7. Good Times Roll  

Tour dates:

6/14 Burlington, ON - Burlington Sound of Music
7/1 Vernon, BC - Funtastic
7/10 Calgary, AB - Calgary Stampede
7/20 Barrie, ON - Barrie New Music Fest
8/10 Fredericton, NB - FredRock
8/24 Peterborough, ON - Wolfstock
8/29 Vancouver, BC - Pacific National Exhibition