Big Sean "Blessings" (ft. Drake & Kanye West)

Big Sean 'Blessings' (ft. Drake & Kanye West)
Big Sean has just parted the clouds and dropped some bounty from his Dark Sky Paradise. The gift in question is "Blessings," and hip-hop fans may be counting theirs for the late night leak.

Big Sean quickly promises a heaven-on-earth experience to the faithful that stick by him through thick and thin, while he scoffs at petty phonies trying to give him daps. Later on, he sticks true to his fam, noting that, as the man of the house, he's a provider. While Drake drops by to salute his Instagram followers and take a dig at the Grammys, he also offers self-congratulatory lines like "I am convinced that I am the only one left still dong this shit," which is kind of a kick in the crotch to his host. 

The skies-cracking boom of "Blessings" can be found below. Dark Sky Paradise does not yet have a due date.

UPDATE: Another version of "Blessings" featuring a Snapchat-centric bonus verse from Kanye West has surfaced. You'll find the alternate version down below as well.