Big John Bates Voodoo Bar-B-Q

Back in the days of hair grease, muscle cars, and chewing toothpicks was something called analogue recording - remembered fondly for cranking sweaty, primitive and raunchy records for horny teenagers. Big John Bates dug it so much that he brought it back on this debut album. The result is what you'd expect: sweaty, primitive, raunchy and horny. And good for that, because this album's as fun as a midnight drag race fuelled by a fifth of bourbon. With close references to Reverend Horton Heat and the Cramps, Big John Bates is proudly old school in his approach to making music and the lifestyle around it. The psychobilly experience can't be complete without a sense of humour, however, and BJB has that in spades - look no further than his cover of the great Spiderman theme. (Devil Sauce)