Big Boi "Objectum Shalamar" (ft. Phantogram, Shalamar)

Big Boi 'Objectum Shalamar' (ft. Phantogram, Shalamar)
Big Boi's "Mashup Mondays" series started off with a Sade-inspired redo of his Phantogram-assisted "CPU." Now, he's gone on to blend his other Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors track with the New York pop duo, "Objectum Sexuality," with a funky new backbeat as "Objectum Shalamar."

New life is breathed into the track by placing Big Boi's bars and Sarah Barthel's cooed hook atop the pop-and-lock '80s electro-funk backdrop of Shalamar's "A Night to Remember (Friends)." You can surrender to the revamp's lusty food metaphors, bedroom games and infectious retro bounce down below in a vid full of neon doorways and horny horns.

This is the fifth instalment of "Mashup Mondays," with four more remixes set to drop before the series concludes.