Big Boi "Mrs. Vandebilt" (ft. Kelly Rowland and Little Dragon)

Big Boi 'Mrs. Vandebilt' (ft. Kelly Rowland and Little Dragon)
Outkast rapper Big Boi may have an enormous reunion on his plate, but that hasn't slowed him down with his weekly "Mashup Mondays" release. Instead, the performer returned with his tenth song in the ongoing series.

The song pairs audio from his Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors track "Mama Told Me" with the 1974 Wings hit "Mrs. Vandebilt." In other words, you finally get to hear Big Boi, Kelly Rowland and Little Dragon perform alongside Paul McCartney.

Check out "Mrs. Vandebilt" below courtesy of Billboard. The song also comes with some stoner-friendly visuals.