BY Kyle MullinPublished Feb 22, 2017

"I'm forced to let go," Beyries sings on "Son," but there's no trace of defeat in her voice. Instead, the dogged toughness in the Montreal songstress's tone makes the song a highlight on Landing, an album at times sorrowful and completely bleak.
Her rugged delivery on the verses of "Son," juxtaposed with celestial cooing on the bridge, is followed by the more straightforwardly plaintive, piano-and-vocals-only "Soldier." It's simple yet gorgeous, a real heartstring-tugger if ever there was, especially when the string section climactically kicks in.
A nice counterpoint: Beyries' choice to strategically punctuate the chorus of the ballad "Wondering" with rainfall-like electronic drumbeats. And then there's her singing in French on "J'aurai cent ans," a duet with Louis-Jean Cormier that's richly romantic and deeply moving, even for those of us can't comprehend a word.
In short: this Montreal chanteuse will enchant you with this downtempo yet dynamic batch of songs.

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