Beyoncé and Jay Z Sued over "Drunk in Love" Sample

Beyoncé and Jay Z Sued over 'Drunk in Love' Sample
Photo: Robin Harper
It's been a year since Beyoncé sent the world into a frenzy over her surprise self-titled album, which featured her and Jay Z's collaborative smash hit "Drunk in Love." And apparently that's how long it's taken a Hungarian singer to recognize her voice on the track and sue the couple.

Monika Miczura Juhasz (known as Mitsou in her folk ensemble Ando Drom) is claiming that Bey, Jay and producer Timbaland used an unauthorized sample from her band's 1995 track "Bajba, Bajba Pélem."

In a Manhattan civil suit, Juhasz is seeking unspecified damages and demanding an end to the distribution of the song.

Jay Z recently came out on top of another lawsuit, involving his Kanye West and Rihanna track "Run This Town." The case was dismissed by a judge, who claimed that the use of the in-question word "oh" didn't fall under copyright infringement. The judge claimed it was not "quantitatively significant" to the original Eddie Bo track or Jay Z's.

The reportedly unauthorized sample in "Drunk in Love" is certainly a little more substantial. Watch the video for "Drunk in Love" below, and you can hear it kick in at the 0:57 mark and run throughout the rest of the track.