Beyoncé's "Daddy Lessons" Was Rejected by the Grammy's Country Committee

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Dec 8, 2016

The 2017 Grammy nominees were announced this week, and Beyoncé led the pack with an impressive nine nominations across nearly every genre for her visual album Lemonade. Despite garnering nods in pop, rock, rap and R&B categories, Queen Bey wasn't able to secure acknowledgement in the country field — and not for lack of trying, apparently.
A source told the Associated Press that the twangy (and later Dixie Chicks-ified) track "Daddy Lessons" was submitted for consideration, but rejected by the awards show's country music committee.

As such, Bey was deemed ineligible in the Best Country Song and Best Country Solo Performance categories.
Last month, after Bey and Dixie Chicks' Country Music Awards performance, a number of country music stars sought to silence critics that claimed "Daddy Lessons" didn't belong in the genre.
Dierks Bentley told the AP, "There is just something intangible about it that it feels like a country song," while Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town praised Beyoncé's storytelling abilities, saying, "that's what makes country music great."
Nevertheless, this won't be the year of the genre sweep for Beyoncé. Here's hoping the snub inspires on a full-blown country LP from Bey next year just so she can twirl on her haters and prove them wrong.

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