​Beyoncé and Dixie Chicks Team Up for New Version of "Daddy Lessons"

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 3, 2016

Last night (November 2), Beyoncé teamed up with country superstars Dixie Chicks to open the Country Music Awards.

The unlikely combo delivered a live performance of Beyoncé's country-tinged Lemonade cut "Daddy Lessons," which the three-woman group have been covering at their live shows for the better part of this year. They were joined for the awards show opening by a massive band that added extra guitar, percussion, brass, horns and harmonica to the Chicks' own mix of banjo, guitar and fiddle.
It got four times the "Texas" shoutouts, plenty of added yelps and yodels and a mesmerizing saxophone solo. Was it a honkytonk shitshow or a genius genre-hopping celebration? Decide for yourself by rewatching it in the player below.
Down below you'll also find a freshly released studio recording of the same track from the Dixie Chicks and Bey.


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