Between the Buried and Me


BY Dave SynyardPublished Sep 17, 2007

There’s something about Between The Buried and Me that no other metal band has musically matched: their intensity, scope of sound and atmosphere. They have created something distinctive, a complexly layered, inventive and heavy progressive full-length recording. Colours is an experience, as BTBAM dive deeper into their musical upbringing, extracting influences from artists such as Pink Floyd. "Informal Gluttony” is the first indication that BTBAM have become more liberal with their progressive sounds. Beginning with an ancient Arabic jungle war drum march that warns the listener of the evolution, the remainder is divided evenly between straight prog and metal/hardcore segments. "Sun Of Nothing” sounds more like Alaska, with respect to the quick thrash drumming intro, deep vulgar growls and screeching distorted guitars. But like any BTBAM song, its complexity is omnipresent, featuring time changes, a creepy child and Muppet musical segment, and a continuation of their bipolar genre disorder, switching from cavernous to euphoric highs. The boundless BTBAM have created music that’s a winding maze of ascending beauty and annihilating deterioration.

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