Bette Midler Responds to Accusations of Transphobia

"There was no intention of anything exclusionary or transphobic in what I said; it wasn't about that"

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jul 7, 2022

Around the same time that Macy Gray drew criticism (and farewells) for her transphobic comments on Piers Morgan's talk show, Bette Midler trod similar territory with a tweet that lamenting the erasure of women — or more specifically, the erasure of the term "women."

On July 4 (classic), the legendary entertainer took to Twitter to address "WOMEN OF THE WORLD!"

Presumably in light of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, she wrote: "We are being stripped of our rights over our bodies, our lives and even of our name! They don't call us 'women anymore; they call us 'birthing people' or 'menstruators', and even 'people with vaginas'! Don't let them erase you! Every human on earth owes you!"
Nearly 30 years after the original film, the Hocus Pocus 2 trailer arrived last month.

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