Betraying the Martyrs Rapture

Betraying the Martyrs Rapture
French metalcore act Betraying the Martyrs have been consistently improving their sound since their 2011 debut, but their fourth full-length, Rapture, sees the band fully settled into their own. The album brings together their symphonic take on the genre with an increased sense of technicality, making for a really strong release.
From the start of "Eternal Machine," the band bring in a heavy groove element that is present across the entire record. Their subtle incorporation of synths and piano sections helps bridge their riffs in more memorable ways, standing out particularly on "The Sound of Letting You Go" and "Parasite."
Their level of technicality is also noticeably different on Rapture than previous albums. The addition of guitarist Steeves Hostin doesn't come across overtly in terms of songwriting, but slight differences in the structure of solos or even just the complexity of riffs as a whole are there. Songs like "The Swarm" or "Rapture" bring in strongly written modern metalcore riffs, allowing for some heavier moments in the midst of melodic or clean sections.
While they aren't necessarily bringing anything new to the table, Betraying the Martyrs offer a fresh take on a tried-and-true formula with Rapture. The record has plenty to offer for metalcore fans and helps set them on a path of longevity as they gain more confidence in their sound. (Sumerian)