Berzerker World of Lies

Known for their gimmicky masks, gore-oriented subject matter and the alleged infamy of their "banned by MTV” video, the Berzerker have lightened up on their latest effort — apparently they’ve even lost the masks. While there is nothing about cannibalism or embalming this time around, their third release still brings the aural pain from down under. Their tactic is blitzkrieg warfare, combining the battle-ready beats of a drum machine with a firestorm of death riffs, fashioning an industrial and modern sonic attack. They manage to find groove in strange places while the mechanics speed up classic Carcass style riffs with a meatier grind akin to that of Leng T’che. Despite a valiant effort on their part to create something unique, they lack the creativity and forcefulness to besiege even the smallest of villages; eventually their sound becomes weary and all the notes melt into mediocrity. (Earache)