Benümb/Pig Destroyer Benümb/Pig Destroyer

A ten-song, seven-minute split three-inch CD from two of extreme music’s most ruthless, punishing and brevity-abiding bands. Benümb kicks things off, serving three songs of intense, short metallic, punishing grindcore that, while sonically lacking in the production department, is relentless in its attack. Pig Destroyer offers six songs of their blend of noise, grind, death and thrash, sans bass, which is just as brutal as anything off of their Prowler In The Yard full-length, if not as sonically strong, although fuller than Benümb’s songs. A cover of the Dwarves’ "Fuck You Up and Get High” by Pig Destroyer may be the standout, but this small package contains very good things. (Robotic Empire)