Bent Ariels

Having been responsible for quality club tracks for a good half-decade, Bent’s latest album, their third, obviously sees no pressure to get you dancing needlessly. Opener "Coming Back” is like Annie Lennox fronting Doves, and then it’s into the Grand Ole Opry throwback "Sunday 29th.” No rug-cutting there, obviously. The sweet sweeping slowness of "As You Fall” was one of last year’s best tracks and is every bit as good here, with its harp, pedal steel guitar and keys. In other parts, like "Now I Must Remember,” it sounds like Dido, if she was at all interesting. Still, it’s not much to shake your ass to. From here on though, things move to retro-styled head-nodders — the worst of which could be said is that "The Waters Deep” would be considered a little too long. At the end are two worthwhile remixes of "Coming Back,” one by Grand National and one a club-oriented mix by the band. You sure won’t find too many hands-in-the-air clubbing moments here, but who cares? Well-written, well-produced and the order of the tracks is even just right. This is a beautiful album. (Ministry of Sound)