Benny More

Hoy Como Ayer

BY David DacksPublished Dec 1, 2004

A DVD profile of the legendary Cuban singer is welcome, but Hoy Como Ayer isn't a satisfactory account of Benny More's life. There is a fair amount of archival footage of the man in action, which makes this DVD worth watching for fans. For those only casually interested though, the narrative is poorly written; the major successes in More's career are only alluded to in anecdotes, rather than contextualised in the central story. His eccentric charisma, musical sensibilities and approach to singing are conveyed well, and the deep respect in which he's still held today comes through in every interview. This is worth a rental, as long as you check out his bio and discography on before watching. Plus: subtitles, photo gallery. (MVD,

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