Bend Sinister "Quest for Love" (video)

Bend Sinister 'Quest for Love' (video)
Bend Sinister's new video features an actor who you might not admit to recognizing: porn star James Deen, who appeares in the clip for "Quest for Love."

Paper reports that the band recruited Deen after guitarist Joseph Blood was cast as an extra in an adult film and gave a copy of Small Fame to the actor. This led to Deen heading out to Mojave Desert to film a video for the circus prog-metal tune.

He plays a character named Quest and dons a silly-looking leather outfit and dances wildly while red bolts of electricity flash around him. A few cut scenes show the band performing, but Deen is definitely the focus of attention here.

"I got sunburned as fuck doing this and I wouldn't change a thing," Deen said in a statement. "It was worth it. I'm running around and dancing in the desert while wearing '80s metal gear...what's not to love?"

Small Fame is available through File Under: Music.