Bend Sinister 'The Other Way' (EP stream)

Bend Sinister 'The Other Way' (EP stream)
Bend Sinister will release their latest EP The Other Way next week, but ahead of its arrival, Exclaim! is giving you an advance listen to the whole record.
They teased the new material last year with "Rock N Roll," which appears again on the new EP. As the title of the previously shared single implies, the record delivers some good, old-fashioned rock tunes.
Opener "Move a Little Slower" is an undeniable ode to the theatricality of Queen, while "Get Along" delivers a slightly more modern, keys-driven sound. Danceable flourishes collide with riffs on "Run," and the whole thing wraps up on a slightly mellower note with the retro pop vibes of "Gonna Be Alright."
"It's a rough thing playing in a band, but there are still more stories to tell, and we're not finished yet," the band tell Exclaim! "We've been through the grinder. Agents, labels, managers, crazy highs and pummeling lows. But there has always been the audience. We're writing this to YOU. The listener, the concert ticket buyer, the fan that has kept the band alive. We have so many more stories to tell."
Listen in on the latest collection down below.
The Other Way is officially out on September 22 via Cordova Bay.