Ben Gibbard Lays the Postal Service to Rest

Ben Gibbard Lays the Postal Service to Rest
In 2013, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard joined forces with Dntel's Jimmy Tamborello once again to revisit their collaborative project the Postal Service. The two reissued their Give Up LP and embarked on an enormous world tour. If you've had any remaining hope that they might reunite once again and record their long-lost second album, Gibbard has now put a nail in the coffin.

Earlier today (May 1), the members of Death Cab for Cutie participated in a Reddit Ask Me Anything to promote their new album KintsugiWhen asked about the possibility of more Postal Service material, Gibbard bluntly replied, "no, we're done."

There were plenty of other fun, nerdy and hyper specific questions for the band. Gibbard was also asked about why he sweats so much on stage, and he offered a fairly hilarious explanation:

ugh, it's really disgusting, isn't it? we Gibbards are known for our sweat. :)

the shirts are always fine, it's the guitars that are a problem. there have been a number of shows where i sweat into the guitar and it cuts out mid-song. we've tried many solutions to this problem but the only fix is having more guitars handy that we thought we'd need.

on a related note, Glen Kotche from Wilco and I have joked about starting a band called the Sweat Bros. we're gonna reach out to Guy from Fugazi and Jim Atkins from Jimmy Eat World. it's our goal to be the "wettest band in the world." gross…

Further, a fan asked Gibbard what "the deal" is with him and Jenny Lewis, adding that "it was always a 'WHY ARENT THEY TOGETHER?!' kind of question." Gibbard replied, "jenny and i have always been only friends. actually, more like brother and sister."

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