Belle and Sebastian Talk Movie Project

Belle and Sebastian Talk Movie Project
It appears Belle and Sebastian are finally ending their hiatus, with an upcoming film/soundtrack project, which they’ve given the very Belle and Seb title of God Help the Girl. In a recent online diary entry, the band’s songwriter, Stuart Murdoch, told fans he’s in the midst of mastering the album portion of the project and should wrap it up by the end of this month.

"It’s a good feeling to think about making records. Sleeves and schedules, running orders and what not,” Murdoch writes. "It’s been so long since I did it that I suspect the landscape has changed.”

As Pitchfork has pointed out, the project follows a call by the band last year for some vocally talented lads and lasses to help with God Help the Girl. As an earlier diary entry from Murdoch stated, the Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon is set to sing on the album and appear in its film companion, which is to go into production next year, according to Pitchfork. Also reportedly appearing on the record is Asya of indie pop sister act Smoosh. But being the secretive Scots they are, Belle and Sebastian haven’t released any more details than that.

To sign off, here’s something Murdoch would like you all to think about: "Do you get the same thrill when you look forward to a record coming out? I suppose I must ask the youngsters among you, because age dulls most thrills. But youngsters, where are your thrills coming from? Do you desire the sensation that is the Long Playing Record? Does pop music teach you and hold you and thrill you the way it used to? The way it did to us?"

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