Belle and Sebastian I'm A Cuckoo

This new EP from Scotland’s Belle and Sebastian contains the irresistibly campy title track, the second single from last year’s Dear Catastrophe Waitress, along with a remix by Australian DJs the Avalanches and previously unreleased b-sides "Stop, Look and Listen” and "(I Believe In) Travellin’ Light.” The latter was originally part of DCW before being cut at the last minute, though it really isn’t clear why, since it would’ve been one of its strongest tracks. "Stop” is one of their better b-sides in years; the heavy Simon and Garfunkel feel adds the majority of its appeal, though its elongated instrumental closing certainly doesn’t hurt. Perhaps the biggest draw of the single, however, is the Avalanches remix of "Cuckoo” — a cluttered faux-world beat take on the track that, despite the Paul Simon/Graceland feel, is a surprising letdown. The single is also enhanced with the hilarious "Cuckoo” video staring Alan Wells — which, if you’ve always wanted to watch Stuart Murdoch run for almost four minutes, could be your dream come true. (Rough Trade)