Bella Morte

Songs for the Dead

BY Mike AdairPublished Nov 1, 2004

Only four months have passed since Bella Morte’s last release. For their latest work the group pushes synths into the background to produce an album that toys with the darker edges of punk, rock and metal. This is not to say the group have not dropped their electronics altogether. They simply use them to enhance rather than annoy. The overall punk influence on this disc works well for most tracks, including "Dead Will Walk” and "All I Have.” The album also includes baleful lounge styles found in "The Devil’s Eyes” and a tubular bell-driven "Untitled,” showcasing yet again Bella Morte are much more comfortable dancing from genre to genre. Such variance works well with this sinister style of depravity and, though far from a perfect album, it is good to know that the concept of horror music has not been forgotten.

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