Bella Morte As the Reasons Die

As the Reasons Die is a guitar-driven release toying with both disgustingly trendy and beautifully menacing edges of the industrial/gothic music scenes. The album kicks off in low gear with "Beneath,” a track that fuses sloppy synth beats with pop star vocals. The result is an annoying track that begs for the attention of a more commercial crowd. "Still” and "I For An I” continue the mainstream experience, but just when it seems you know where this group is heading, "Forever Grey” begins to shake things up with an ’80s heavy metal vibe. To further confuse the issue, a song like "Awake” pumps out venomous adrenaline, where razor sharp vocal distortions and a barrage of electronic madness proves that the group do have a creative side. As the Reasons Die also features a few mellow tracks, most notably in the powerfully nostalgic "A Time Before.” As a whole, this is a real hit and miss release, although Bella Morte deserve recognition for an attempt to produce an album that caters towards the diverse and discerning nature of this genre and its fans. (Metropolis)