Behemoth "Ben Sahar" (video)

Behemoth 'Ben Sahar' (video)
Ahead of Polish metal vets Behemoth heading out on tour to play their The Satanist album in full, they're putting the focus on one of its menacing tracks with a new video. A ritualistic short film for "Ben Sahar" has just been premiered.

The video is a spirit journey of sorts, with Nergal playing an El Topo-type wanderer making his way through some dusty plains. It's not exactly that simple, though, with elements of black majick strewn throughout the clip. The tune, obviously, goes for the throat with a series of drilled-out guitar tones and smashed cymbals.

Below, you'll find the video's assemblage of uncomfortably cloaked figures, bone-topped staffs, late night blazes and prophetic wares.

As for Behemoth's tour, it starts at the end of the month and will hit up Montreal and Toronto along the way. You'll find the date details over here.