Beefs 2011: Sex Pistols' Steve Jones Calls Glen Matlock "A Bit of a Wanker"

Beefs 2011: Sex Pistols' Steve Jones Calls Glen Matlock 'A Bit of a Wanker'
Being permanently pissed off and throwing around insults was a large part of the Sex Pistols' appeal, so it's only fitting that the band members are still warring more than three decades past their late '70s heyday. In a recent interview, guitarist Steve Jones called out original bassist Glen Matlock to contradict claims that Matlock had written much of the band's material.

"As much as he likes claiming he wrote 'God Save the Queen, 'Anarchy in the U.K.' and 'Pretty Vacant', at the time he hated the words, which John [Lydon] wrote," Jones told Hustler [NME]. "I'm tired of Glen Matlock saying he was the songwriter for the Sex Pistols. I co-wrote as many songs... but I don't go shouting about it. Every time I read it, it bugs me. If he was such a great songwriter, where are the songs after the Sex Pistols? It's just annoying."

Various sources have reported over the years that Matlock was the Sex Pistols' primary melody writer. The band shared writing credit equally, however.

Not only did Jones speak out about the bands's writing process, he also hurled a few personal insults along the way, and even called Matlock "a bit of a middle-class mommy's boy." He claimed that the Sex Pistols had better chemistry with Matlock's replacement, Sid Vicious, and added, "Glen's attitude? He was a bit of a wanker, to be honest with you."

If the Sex Pistols reunite again, we're guessing that things might get a little awkward on the tour bus after this.