Beef Boys "Drop in the Sun" on Exclaim! TV

Beef Boys 'Drop in the Sun' on Exclaim! TV
Not only did Peterborough, ON's Beef Boys release their first proper EP, Banana Eyes, in 2014, they also treated their fans to a string of shows with their hometown crew the Lonely Parade hitting up Sappyfest 10 along the way. We caught up with the garage punkers at the festival to record a session for Exclaim! TV and Pinball Sessions.

This episode finds the four-piece delivering a sludgy surf-punk jam called "Drop in the Sun." Watch below as the Lonely Parade's Ani Climenhage, Young Ray Kang and Luca Mo rip out the jangly tune, reinforced by the gruff vocals of Beef Boys frontman Germ Sperman.

Filmed by Daniel Cooper and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Sound by James Anderson and Dan Beeson
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Thunder & Lightening, Sackville NB