Beck Recorded a Prince Medley at Paisley Park Studios

Listen to the covers and live versions of Beck's "Where It's At" and "Up All Night"
Beck Recorded a Prince Medley at Paisley Park Studios
Beck has shared a brand new three-track EP recorded at Prince's Paisley Park Studio A — the first recording there since the musician's passing in 2016.

Called The Paisley Park Sessions, the record consists of two Beck songs, "Where It's At" and "Up All Night," as well as a new Prince medley called "The Paisley Experience" featuring sections of "Raspberry Beret," "When Doves Cry," "Kiss" and "1999."

Alongside the EP, Beck has also shared a behind-the-scenes video, revealing the studio's interior, as well as some of his recording process.

"It's special to be here, and see it in person," Beck says in the video. "Every studio has its own life to it, a kind of special energy. It felt very creative. I didn't have any expectations of what I wanted to happen, it was just coming in here and seeing where it took us, and it was surprising."

Beck is currently in the press circuit for his upcoming record Hyperspace. It's due November 22 via Capitol Records.  

In the meantime, listen to Amazon-exclusive The Paisley Park Sessions and watch the accompanying mini-doc below.