BY Oliver CrookPublished Feb 20, 2020

In a world of instant gratification, it's refreshing to see a band take the time to organically grow their sound. Halifax's Beauts have been wowing local music fans for five years, releasing three EPs and rocking festivals like Halifax Pop Explosion and Gridlock Festival, all while moving away from punky beginnings to a soundscape of airy tension.
Dalliance, their debut full-length, is an atmospheric, fraught encounter that builds often and relieves sporadically. Across seven songs, Beauts' ability to combine their influences — Interpol's mid-tempo rock, fellow Nova Scotians Wintersleep's sense of when to strike and when to hold back — leaves the listener desperately wishing for more.
While not afraid to show their punk roots (album standout "Drifters, All"), the most interesting moments happen when the synths ring and the guitars fade, leaving an emptiness that almost deafens.
Other moments of the album sees repetitive, doomsday drum beats blend hypnotically with a haunting, National-esque ability to sit in a groove until your heartbeat matches the frantic bass line. "Just Like Everything" beautifully combines both of these aspects of Beaut's sound, leaving the listener both moved and headbanging.
An ambitious effort that hints of the possibility for more growth, Beauts are rightfully making themselves a Canadian band to be watched.
(LHM Records)

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