Beatchild & the Slakadeliqs

Heavy Rockin' Steady

BY A. HarmonyPublished Feb 2, 2018

It's common these days for artists to blur genre lines, but few can float between styles with such otherworldly proficiency as Beatchild. Genre bending is his superpower and he showcases just how nimble he can be on Heavy Rockin' Steady.
The album revisits the psychedelic, folk rock-ish sound that defined 2012's The Other Side of Tomorrow — those looking for Beatchild's soulful, jazzy side should dust off his Soul Movement series and sit this one out. It would be a shame to do so, though: each song on Steady is crafted with great care and blossoms further with every listen.
"California Coastin'" unfolds into a mellow daydream, while "The Only Difference" expertly fuses rock, gospel and a hint of ragtime with its rousing tack pianos. On "Your Believer (Say Goodbye)," "2nd Most" and "The Remedy," Beatchild positively transforms: you'll find it hard to believe you're not listening to a rare Jefferson Airplane record. Song after song, there is much to discover and even more to love.
Retro, rich and layered, Steady is a thrilling journey you'll be eager to repeat. There isn't a single thing that Beatchild cannot do.

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