Beanie Sigel and Jahlil Beats Plot 'Still Public Enemy' Mixtape

Beanie Sigel and Jahlil Beats Plot 'Still Public Enemy' Mixtape
Rapper Beanie Sigel is currently recovering from a December shooting that left him down one lung, but the MC is expected to bounce back with a new mixtape partnering him up with Roc Nation producer Jahlil Beats.

Beats recently revealed that the twosome's upcoming effort is called Still Public Enemy, with the title referencing Sigel's 2004 mixtape Public Enemy Number 1. Beats and Sigel have apparently had the project cooking for a while now, having teased a track over Instagram last month, but few details had been shed at the time.

Still Public Enemy was put on hold after Sigel was shot in the torso during a drive-by in Pleasantville, NJ, last month while apparently walking his kids home from school. Police believe Sigel was not the intended target. The incident left the rapper in hospital, with doctors having to remove one of his lungs after it had been "riddled with fragments from a bullet." He was released from hospital earlier in January.

"I'm just happy that Beans is okay now," Beats told Nah Right. "He just came home. As soon as he get right, we going right back in the lab."

Though an arrival time has yet to be determined, the tape is expected to drop sometime this year. According to Beats, he's handling most of the production and has been sampling '90s-vintage records for the song.

"I sampled some old records, like old records from the '90s, but put my twist to it. It ain't like he shying away and trying to do the new shit to fit in with the young dudes, you know what I am saying?" he said, adding of Sigel's mic skills, "And Beans never lost it. He's only getting better as far as the lyricism and shit like that."