Beach House Osheaga, Montreal QC, August 3

Beach House Osheaga, Montreal QC, August 3
Photo: Chris Bubinas
Synonymous with meditative, aqueous dream pop, Beach House have, for over a decade, treated their live performances less like "shows" and more like a series of curated experiences, allowing for their tracks to cast a haze over each indoor or outdoor audience, with the attention being drawn to the senses, rather than faces.
For their third, non-consecutive Osheaga performance, both members — Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally — as well as touring drummer James Barone took to the stage cast in silhouette and launched into "Dark Spring" off of their 7th full-length album, 7, backed by a glowing screen that mimicked a starry night in lava lamp hues.
Moving through their most celebrated, haunting tracks from behind their respective instruments, the band continued with "Drunk In LA," a pair of Rorschach-style eyes projected behind them, and followed shortly with "Space Song," "Lemon Glow" and "Myth" — Legrand belting out the lines "let you know you're not the only one," while Scally's guitar wailed through a sheen of dissonance.
Thanking the audience for their "beautiful energy", Beach House ended their hypnotic, slow-burning set with "Dive," the second, guitar-heavy portion of the track reverberating through the audience as they dispersed into the night.

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