The Barr Brothers "Love Ain't Enough" (video)

The Barr Brothers 'Love Ain't Enough' (video)
A breathtaking exercise in fluidity, the Barr Brothers' new video for Sleeping Operator single "Love Ain't Enough" features a non-stop barrage of elegant, animated scenes.

Animated and directed by Dustin Grella, the clip utilizes 50 cardboard cut-outs and 15 paintings to help set the scene for the folksy rock tune. Along the way, we witness a fine-lined human silhouette walking across a series of colourful backdrops, tropical plains being navigated through said cut-outs, a calming, magenta-tinted fetal-position scene, and the star-spangled bodies of newbors.

It's quite a sight, and you can find the elaborate video down below.

You can also get info on the Barr Brothers' upcoming European and North American tour schedules over here.