Bandcamp Opens Concert-Streaming Service Bandcamp Live "to Everyone"

Bandcamp Live can now be used to stream live shows by all artists on the site

BY Kaelen BellPublished Jan 27, 2022

Unfortunately, it looks like livestreams and pre-recorded virtual concerts being the norm isn't going to change any time in the immediate future.

In light of that fact, Bandcamp has announced that its concert streaming service Bandcamp Live is now available for use by any artists on the platform, allowing them to stream concerts — both ticketed and free — from the site. 

Per Bandcamp's announcement, Bandcamp Live is "integrated into the rest of the Bandcamp marketplace," allowing fans to financially support artists during shows by purchasing items from the merch table or sending virtual gifts.

As is customary with all payment from Bandcamp, artists will be paid within 24 to 48 hours of their live shows. And on the Bandcamp Live information page, the company notes that while their cut of tickets, merch and virtual gifts is 10 percent, there are no surprise "convenience fees" because they, in their own words, "do not worship Satan."

You can head to the Bandcamp website to learn more. 

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