Bad Waitress Make Some Noise with "Racket Stimulator"

It follows the Toronto punks' 2021 debut album 'No Taste'

Photo: Alex Carre

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 26, 2022

Bad Waitress have been known to poke the bear, and the Toronto punks are at it again with new single "Racket Stimulator."

The ripper of a track follows their debut album, 2021's No Taste, as well as earlier 2022 single "Spit It Out."

In the accompanying music video, the band shoot hoops, do cartwheels, drive around in a shopping cart across a parking lot, and generally look very dope while raising hell with a view of the Toronto skyline in the background.

The closing title sequence sees the quartet clear up what the song is about — and it turns out it's science! "To be a racket stimulator is to be of great confusion," the Star Wars-esque card reads. "Loud confusion, a confusion brought on by noise, stimulating your senses, but why? No one knows..." 

Apparently, Bad Waitress contrived a serum (though they "claim to know about none of this") to understand and extrapolate the effects of racket stimulation. Then there's something about AI and robots?

Check out the experiment in action below.

Guitarist Katelyn Molgard spoke to Exclaim! earlier this year about mental health support for Canadian musicians.

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