Babe Rainbow "You'll Wanna Be" (video)

Babe Rainbow 'You'll Wanna Be' (video)
Toronto-based experimental beatsmith Babe Rainbow (aka Cam Reed) has issued a ton of tapes and online freebies since delivering his Weeknd-sampling track "You'll Wanna Be" last year, but a new stop-motion animation video is reason enough to re-familiarize yourself with the low-key house number.

The Bonnie Gaskin-directed clip is lovingly crafted using plasticine and heads from a galaxy-scouring shot that zooms past earth and straight towards a floating, melting skull, to the sight of a buck nibbling on some dude that washed up ashore, to an interstellar orgy scene.

You can watch the finely crafted video to the chilled-out club cut down below, courtesy of Noisey.