Loop of Yesterdays

BY Addison Herron-WheelerPublished Apr 9, 2020

Azusa's new record, Loop of Yesterdays, follows their 2018 record Heavy Yoke and provides an even thrashier, catchier blend of the music they were initially known for. 

Azusa incorporate jazz into their sound — something that could have the potential to be really corny, but they pull it off. They even incorporate '90s pop and melodic death metal influences to create a sound that may have made more sense a few years ago, but still really holds up.

The unique name of the record was inspired by an odd dream the vocalist had, one that may ring true to many in these repetitive days of quarantine. It could also be interpreted as a clever reference to the ways that the band's sound borrows from classic styles. Either way, Loop of Yesterdays is perfect for anyone who wants to worship at the altar of melodic thrash with a fresh and unique take on the genre. 
(Solid State)

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