Azealia Banks "Wallace" (interactive video)

Azealia Banks 'Wallace' (interactive video)
Azealia Banks has occasionally been known for snazzy music videos, but now she's gone one step further by unveiling an interactive clip for her Broke with Expensive Taste cut "Wallace."

To try this out, you're going to need a Google Chrome browser and a working webcam. In the video, directed by Nick Ace and Rob Soucy, we see Banks singing along with the percussive track. Her image mirrors that of the viewer, meaning that if you tilt your head, she'll do the same. At a couple of points in the song, the viewer's image appears in the background.

Banks said in a statement, "I'm such a huge fan of technology and creative new ways of interacting and engaging with fans, so this collaboration was perfect for me. Music videos are as much of an art form as the music itself. The more I can push myself in my creative endeavors, the better. Working side by side with this incredible team of tech-creatives was a truly unique and enjoyable experience, and I'm thrilled to be part of a potentially groundbreaking new 'norm' in the future of making music videos."

Check it out right here. Below, watch a preview of the video.