The Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul The Ultimate In Authenticity and Musical Usefulness

Despite sporting one of the most misleading names and covers in aggressive music history, and one of the best album titles also, the Avenging Disco Godfathers of Soul, who eschew soul and disco altogether, thankfully, make up for their moniker with an exceptional and unexpected release. Having toured with the Daughters, and citing the Locust and Fantômas as influences, you knew there would be something interesting here, and there is, without question. Black metal-style vocals collide with nonsensical ambient noise and keyboard breaks overlap the jagged metallic riffs, and while the eclectic experimentation is more early Mr. Bungle switcheroo than seamless Fantômas synthesis, and more Converge-ish metallic hardcore fury than spastic Locust outburst, all the elements are there to push the envelope. Musically, The Ultimate works best when it throws the keyboards to the front, playing contrasting leads or throwing in a quick break or run, and while Deadhorse may not be an intentional influence, it does recall their same sense of genre fuckery while retaining the heaviness. Give the Godfathers credit; they’re pushing for something different and if they can keep it together, maybe something special. (Alone)