Avenged Sevenfold Live in the LBC & Diamonds in the Rough

At this point, when you listen to an AX7 album, you know pretty much what you’re getting. Their style of heavy metal and pop punk has served them well and to be completely fair, they have served their music well. It’s also safe to say that the band haven’t strayed from their formula, as things are exactly where they have always been for the Huntington Beach outfit. This two-disc set (one CD and one DVD) is a well put together package, as the songs are a little less like their self-titled release in scope and manage to walk closer along the lines of City of Evil, particularly with "Girl I Know” and "Crossroads.” AX7 also cover Iron Maiden and Pantera on Diamonds in the Rough: "Flash of the Blade” and "Walk,” respectively. Live in the LBC is exactly what it sounds like: AX7 playing a live set in the LBC, which is masterfully shot and engaging in a visual sense, as well as sounding top notch. Although that’s to be expected when a major label has your back. AX7 fans won’t be disappointed. (Warner)